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University Bookshop Ltd is your official academic book specialist and textbook supplier on campus. We are 100% student by AUSA owned, our profits are returned to student services. We are here to help you give students the best deals and the latest academic books at the best prices.

ubiq Books is a fully serviced academic campus store, complete with an extensive range of general books, general academic and text books, student course supplies, stationery and more. This page has been organised, in alphabetical order by subject for ease of use. If you have any suggestions, please let us know.

Changes in Rolls, Semesters

Please notify ubiq staff of any changes in the following.

  • Roll Numbers - increases & decreases
  • Course co-ordinators
  • Texts for courses
  • Semester occurrences
  • This information is crucial for accurate ordering. We rely on you communicating with us to keep us up-to-date with changes.

Course co-ordinators

We rely on from you to keep us up-to-date with changes in roll numbers (see above), and set texts. This information is crucial for accurate ordering.

Contacts at ubiq Books

University Bookshop has a key text buyer to help you with all your text requirements.

Gemma Henderson, Text Buyer
Tel 306 2705 Fax 306 2701
[email protected]

Get in touch with any of us if:

  • You are new to campus.
  • Have taken up a position as Course Co-ordinator.
  • For assistance getting in touch with academic publishers' reps, if you haven't found the text you want.
  • To inform us of your roll numbers.
  • To familiarise yourselves with our ordering systems or simply to check stock levels or order progress.
  • To arrange to meet with one of our text buyers.
  • To develop an understanding of nuances associated with your faculty, for example, Romance Language texts require a long lead-time to source texts for student course start dates.

Desk Copies

Desk copies are supplied by the publisher for faculty use. Please check with ubiq staff or your local publisher reps.


Always indicate clearly what edition or version of a text you are intending to use. It is University Bookshop policy to only stock the most current edition or version of texts. If your requirement is different, please let us know.

Executive Programmes

For all the following Executive Programmes Graduate Diploma in Business Graduate Diploma in Arts Management MBA & Master of Management contact

Gemma Henderson
Tel 306 2705 Fax 306 2701
[email protected]

Our city branch in the Student Commons Building at 2 Alfred Street stock all Executive Programme texts. We offer all customers discounted prices (off RRP / List Price) and departmental orders may be eligible for additional discount.

University Bookshop orders class sets for all prescribed Executive Program texts, therefore accurate class size / restriction information is crucial. The lead-time for delivery of textbooks can be 6-8 weeks, sometimes longer depending on worldwide availability. Many courses require students to read the text before the lectures begin so ideally we need to be notified of your text option three months in advance.

Please indicate in which quarter the course runs. To ensure no courses are overlooked we would appreciate notification of all courses being taught, regardless of whether there are set texts or not. For more information on further University Bookshop texts/academic services please browse our other headings on this page. If you know what you want for your semester, contact us for a form or to arrange a visit from one of our staff.


We are here to help, the sooner we know about your problems the sooner we can help solve them. Contact us via this web site or phone us during normal business hours. We can provide help with:

  • Price and availability of titles
  • Sourcing alternative difficult books
  • Finding alternatives to out of print and unavailable books
  • The right number of texts in store in time for your course start date.

Information University Bookshop needs for Text Adoptions

We need to be kept informed of any changes in your course including roll numbers, prerequisites and co-requisites. Contact one of our text buyers and we will send you a text adoption form. This form details all the information we need from you to ensure accurate ordering for your course.

Inspection Copies

Inspection copies are supplied by the publisher for faculty use. Please check with ubiq staff or your local publisher reps.

MBA (See Executive Programmes above)

New Overseas Lecturers

If you are new to The University of Auckland please come and see us in store to familiarize yourself with the University Bookshop and the peculiarities of the publishing industry in this part of the world. Or contact Us and we will arrange a time to come and see you.

Second-hand Texts

University Bookshop buys and sells second-hand texts year round, so that students have access to low cost texts and a conduit for resale.

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